Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi I watched a film at casino. It is well dressed in all part. Good to watch with family and friends. 
Here is a message letting you know Film Production at European Cities

By film production Please bring information's to people in the world about Facilities like Auto bus Gran Tourism Coaches and about Easy  connectivity between European cities . This connectivity is also a reason made people to go for common Money -that is Euro.

Many countries may call this experts to gain knowledge as well to have the same facility with a higher technology if possible will bring a rejuvenation to Travel and  Tourism . Attraction never fails in Travel and tourism. 

In Europe many countries are linked by Railway service.Similarly One day the whole world must get linked through Railways . This is not an imagination. When Government's in all nation  decides on this matter as a Global development It will become True in a Decade. This cannot be a dream. 

Every thing is in the hands of government's in all nations. 

The Government's has to make few deviations if necessary to promote Travel and tourism .
Film Industry can do a major role By shooting these sites with a touching and sensational dialogues can easily make people united across the world. I hope It will come True.Government's/Rulers were also a part of the people on the earth , so they will also realize their importance and commitments to the unification of people  in the world.Hope It will also come true.

On getting through this  World connectivity by Train , people of this world can go at least once in their life  to Vatican city at Rome ,Lord Balaji Temple Tirupathi at India,Haj  travel to Mecca ,to Baghdad shrine and other Holy shrines in many countries in the world.

we people in the world do not have any difference of opinion on God faith. next we need to have a strong Faith between us.

Paris ,Lyons,Brussels,Basle,Zurich,Munich Hanover,Berlin,Vienna are some of the European cities with direct Train services to Italy. This type of travel is particularly attractive if you are traveling to the north of Italy,where the stations of torino,Milano,Verona,venezia and Trieste are Eurocity arrival destinations.

The Railway Transport have modern ETR Eurostar and Intercity Locomotives and carriages.
As well as railway transport the F.S. also offer Ferry services to the Islands and Auto-bus Gran Turismo coaches. For further details and if You are going to produce a Film/Picture than for Time Tables  please click here

Wish you all a happy endeavors and a happy Journey.
Thank you. 2011 GRAMMY Nominees

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